Our practice provides non-invasive assessment of vascular conditions via a dedicated vascular ultrasound laboratory. Equipped with high-quality, medical ultrasound equipment and staffed by a dedicated vascular sonographer, all investigations are reviewed and supervised by a specialist vascular surgeon. All studies are performed at our main rooms at Box Hill.

Ultrasound ConsoleAbout Your Test

An ultrasound scan is a non-invasive test where the arteries and veins can be examined using sound waves. The test is done in a dark, quiet room, where a probe and special gel are placed on the skin by a specially trained sonographer.

Before the Test – Fasting

Some tests require you to be fasted for six (6) hours before the test to reduce the amount of air and solids in your stomach and intestines. This means:

  • no food, but you can drink water or cordial
  • no milk, soft drink or any bubbly drinks
  • no chewing gum (this makes you swallow air)
  • spicy food, alcohol and dairy products should be avoided the night before the test

If your scan is in the afternoon you may be able to

  • have a light breakfast (please try to empty your bowels before the test)
  • take your medication as normal with a sip of water

What To Bring

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing which can be easily removed. Tests on a body part require exposure of that whole area, for example the whole abdomen from ribcage to groin, or the whole leg from groin to toes.


Please try to arrive on time for your scan, in order to avoid delaying other patients. Please allow at least an hour for your scan and paperwork to be completed.

Fees and Payment

You will be required to pay for your test at the time. A receipt will be issued to help you to claim a rebate from Medicare. If you are registered with Medicare Online we may be able to help you claim your rebate before you leave.


Reports will normally be sent directly to your requesting doctor within a few days of the scan. We do not issue reports to patients unless specifically instructed by your doctor.